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Electrostatics - Past Papers CatView
by V. Gokal

2009 Nov

Physical Science

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Main Question :

Two metal spheres on insulated stands carry charges of +4μC and -6μC respectively. The spheres are arranged with their centres 40cm apart, as shown below. 

Slide 1

Question 1 :

Calculate the magnitude of the force exerted by each sphere on the other. (4)

Question 2 :

By what factor will the magnitude of the force in QUESTION 10.1 change if the distance between the spheres is halved?
(Do not calculate the new value of the force.) (1)

Question 3 :

10.3 Calculate the net electric field at point P as shown in the diagram above. (6)

Question 4 :

The spheres are now brought into contact with each other and then returned to their original positions. Now calculate the potential energy of the system of two charges. (5)

(not for current syllabus)