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Click that slider above.

EWriter allows you to create online content in various formats!

PDF Uploads

Your pdf will DISPLAY on your phone, and download only if the user wants it to! Saves a heck of a lot of phone space. 

From the menu

  • Create
  • PDF Upload
    and follow the prompts.

What else can you do with your pdf?

Someone uploaded this ... And Clauses

I use to reduce my pdf file size before I upload to ewriter.

Try this slider below.
It is made by drag-and-drop!
You can make them too!
(I use to compress images below uploading.)

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(The typing interface looks just like MS Word. I am typing all this there!)

Here is a book someone created. You can make a book like this too! TRUTH AND RECONCILLIATION COMMISSION

From the menu click

  • Create
  • Books
    Create New Book

Follow prompts

When you SAVE, your content is still not available to the public in case it is still not fully ready. 
Click PUBLISH ... follow prompts.

What else can you do with your EBooks?

Play around with the ebooks!

Use your imagination!

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These tutorials are awesome! Here is an example: - Past Papers CatView

From the menu click

  • Create
  • Tutorial
    Create New Tutorial

Follow prompts.

What else can you do with your TUTORIALS?

  • You can add sliders
  • You can add audio 
  • Include video (copy paste YouTube embed code)
  • Create many chapters

Play around with the tutorials. Get used to it.

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Ok, this is really cool and quickly became popular!

Here us a sample for you. You get "insulted" for wrong answers!
Lets see how good you are.

Try this to get an idea of what Wordpick is: Tales

For science nerds! and Bases

From the menu click

  • Create
  • Wordpick
    Create New Wordpick

Follow prompts.

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You make self marking tests Multiple Choice Tests.
Here is a sample:

From the menu click

  • Create
  • Test
    Create New Test

Follow prompts.

Don't forget to:

  • indicate the correct answers
  • and to type in the explanations too

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